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Recent Settlements / Awards / Verdicts

Motor Vehicle Collision -  Mr. Kim represented a woman in a motor vehicle collision on near 164th Ave. in Vancouver, WA.  A major issue in this claim was the client's extensive prior injury history, including multiple cervical, thoracic and lower back surgeries and medical treatment. Medical documentation acquired exceeded 400 pages from multiple treatment providers. The adverse party had no insurance. Mr. Kim filed a lawsuit against several parties under various causes of action, including Washington's Insurance Fair Conduct Act (I.F.C.A.), codified at RCW 48.30.15, in addition to common-law bad faith and breach of contract. Once again, Mr. Kim fought through these issues for over two years and earned a recovery that his client was very satisfied with. 

Money Recovery - $112,000.00, including $25,000 in PIP completely waived.

Motor Vehicle Collision   -  Mr. Kim represented a woman who suffered personal injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Preliminary information about the collision was reported by local media outlets.  Mr. Kim obtained the applicable insurance information and conducted a comprehensive investigation into the facts regarding the collision. After the adverse insurance company received Mr. Kim's notice of representation, they immediately went began to play games and use various tactics designed to delay, frustrate, limit liability and to overall downplay the severity the case.  The adverse insurance company even suggested to Mr. Kim that he recuse himself from the case.  Ultimately, Mr. Kim earned a recovery for his client that exceeded the client's expectations.

Money Recovery - $335,000.00

Motor Vehicle Collision - Mr. Kim represented a client whose small SUV was hit from behind at one of the busiest intersections in Vancouver, Washington causing a neck injury. The adverse party was uninsured at the time of the collision. Fortunately, the client did carry UIM / UM insurance. UIM / UM is an insurance policy that insures an injured party when the adverse party either doesn't carry or has only a minimum bodily injury liability insurance policy. The minimum liability insurance policy one must carry to drive in Washington is 25/50/10. Unfortunately, some drivers decide to ignore the law and not carry insurance at all, as was in this case.  Ultimately, Mr. Kim reached a settlement with the UIM carrier that far exceeded the client's expectations. The client also did not have to reimburse her insurance carrier for any medical bills or expenses incurred as a result of the collision.

Money Recovery - $110,000.00

Motor Vehicle Collision  - Mr. Kim represented a man who suffered personal injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Injuries suffered included a right shoulder injury and body abrasions requiring stitches. Mr. Kim's office investigated the collision and determined the applicable insurance carriers in the case. In this case, Mr. Kim was very proud to have serious and meaningful discussions with the client's health insurance carrier, that were not in effect at the time of the collision. After discussions with Mr. Kim and in a rare occurrence, the health insurance carrier back-dated the health insurance effect date and retroactively applied the client's insurance benefits allowing the client to use his health insurance benefits. Using several rules of law, including the holding in Thiringer v. American Motors Insurance Company, 91 Wn.2d 215, 588 P.2d 191 (1978), A monetary amount was reached that was worthy of our client's injuries.

Money Recovery -$325,000.00 

Motor Vehicle Collision  -  Mr. Kim represented a hard working man in a motor vehicle collision. Injuries were limited to soft tissue and with minimal special damages.  Mr Kim's client treated with massage and physical therapy for a very limited amount of time.   Difficult insurance/ attorney's fees/ and subrogation issues were at play.  However, Mr. Kim was victorious, earning a recovery worthy of his client's injuries.

Money Recovery - $47,300.00

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Disclaimer - Every case has its unique set of facts and circumstances. Monies obtained in the cases cited above is not a guarantee of the same outcome for your case.

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